A Critique of Modern Civilisation and Thought: facts, Non-facts and Ideas

J.B.P.More. A Critique of Western Civilisation and Thought : Facts, Non-Facts and Ideas, published by TLPMS & Ilakkya, Pondicherry, 2016, pp. 197 Being always an impartial historian, JBP.More is a keen observer of the past, present and future of the world and the human beings who live in it. In this book JBP.More with his usual […]

Tamil Heroes of French India, 1870-1954: Their Role in Business, Social Reforms and in Netaji’s Freedom Struggle from Vietnam

JBP.More, Tamil Heroes of French India: Their Role in Business, social Reforms and in Netaji’s freedom struggle from Vietnam,  published by TLPMS  Ilakkya, Pondicherry, 2016, pp. 208 This book deals with the history and career of the members of a Tamil family of Pondicherry who had migrated to French Indochina (Vietnam). Darmanathan Prouchandy of this […]

Puducheri Valartha Bharathiyar, published by LPMS, Pondicherry, 2011

No Mahakavi without Puduchery(in) R.Kalaivani, K.A. Arulsenghor, eds. Tamizh Nungu, ‘Aar’ Karuthranga Katturai Thokuppu, Chennai, 2014, pp. 266-273 by J.B.P.More (This article is based on my Tamil book ‘Puducheri Valartha Bharathiyar, published by Leon Prouchandy Memorial Sangam, Pondicherry, 2011) It is a recognized historical fact that Subramania Bharati of Thamizhnadu is one of the great […]

Offerings to the Muslim Warriors of Malabar: Foundation Document of Colonialism and Clash of Civilisations, published by Saindhavi, Chennai, 2015, Rs. 350

Offerings to the Muslim Warriors of Malabar was one of the rarest and pioneering documents of historical importance which attests emphatically west European expansion into the Indian Ocean region and Malabar. It is the only foundation document on colonialism and enslavement of Indians and Malabaris. It was written in Arabic by Sheikh Zainuddin, a south […]

Madras is a Tamil word while Chennai is Telugu. Without the English, there would have been no Madras. The erection of Fort St George laid the foundations for the growth of the first modern city of India,’ Historian JBP More tells Shobha Warrier.

As Chennai turned 375 last week, Rediff.com’s Shobha Warrier discusses the city of tradition and contrasts with JBP More, a professor at INSEEC whose recent book Origin and Foundation of Madras traces the history of the city. More, who got his PhD in History from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, has written 15 books on various aspects of […]

India is dominated by the West

‘India may be independent politically and it may even become an economic power like Japan, but it remains and will still remain part of the global capitalist economy and system, dominated and controlled by the West,’ says historian J B P More. Nothing much has changed since Vasco da Gama’s time, says historian J B P […]

La Civilisation Indienne et les Fables Hindoues du Panchatantra (ed. by JBP.More, Irish-LPMC, Tellicherry, Pondicherry, 2004, Rs.495

Pondichérien de l’Inde Française, Maridas Poullé (1721-1796) est l’un des pères fondateurs de l’indianisme international au dix-huitième siècle, comme le montre sa traduction de Bhagavata Purana du tamoul en français dans les années 1760. Le présent ouvrage, édité et adapté par J.B.P.More avec une présentation et un Index inclut divers articles, mémoires ou essais du […]

J.B.P.More, L’Inde face à Bharati, le Poète Rebelle, Irish, Tellicherry, 2003, Rs. 300

Dans ce livre clair et vivant, JBP. More dresse, avec un regard critique et un souci de vérité, la vie et la carrière de Soubramania Bharati, poète national et révolutionnaire tamoul de l’Inde avant l’indépendance en les replaçant dans leur contexte politique et social et en insistant particulièrement sur le séjour du poète à Pondichéry, […]

Tamizhaga Muslimkalin Parinama Valarchi, 1930-1947(Tamil translation), Adaiyalam Publishers, Tiruchi, 2006, Rs. 150

This book in Tamil is actually a translation of J.B.P.More’s first book entitled ‘The Political Evolution of Muslims in Tamilnadu and Madras, 1930-1947’, published by Orient Longman, Hyderabad in the year 1997.

Religion and Society in South India: Hindus, Muslims and Chrsitians, Irish, Tellicherry, 2006, Rs. 595

The essays in this volume are related to the study of religion and society in southern India. Professor Francis Robinson, a leading specialist of Islam has written the Foreword to this book. The key issues and themes of these essays, which actually form part of major academic debates include:   Origin, Ancestry and Identity of […]

From Arikamedu to the Foundation of Modern Pondicherry, Saindhavi, Chennai, 2014, Rs. 350

     This book deals with the history of Pondicherry from the time of the coming into existence of Arikamedu, reputed to be a Roman trading centre, located to the south of Pondicherry town until the time when modern Pondicherry was founded by Frenchmen like Bellanger de Lespinay, François Martin and Pierre Deltor. The ancient Arikamedu cannot […]

Origin and Foundation of Madras, (From Medurasapatnam to Madras), Saindhavi, Chennai, 2014, Rs. 300

     Many scholars have written about the history of Madras city. But they have never paid much attention or have paid scant attention to the origin of Madras. Generally they have relied upon the writingsof British scholars and administrators like H.D. Love, William Foster and Wheeler Talboys as well as on the 1820 accounts of Bundla […]

Indian Steamship Ventures, 1836-1910 :Darmanathan Prouchandy of Pondicherry, First Steam Navigator from South India, 1891, 1900, LPMS, Pondicherry, 2013, Rs. 150

In this book, More writes about the early history of steam navigation in the Indian sub-continent since 1836 up to 1910. Dwarkanath Tagore of Bengal was the pioneer in Indian Steam Navigation. He indulged in the steam navigation business since 1836. But he passed away in 1846. Later in the 1880s, his grandson, Jyotindranath Tagore […]

Partition of India: Players and Partners, Irish, Tellicherry, 2008, Rs. 895

 It is generally held especially in Pakistan that Jinnah asked for a separate State of Pakistan on the basis of religion and achieved it within a short record-breaking span of seven years. In India, the dominant view is that Jinnah and the British divided India. A minor view is that Jinnah used the Pakistan demand […]

Rise and Fall of the ‘Dravidian’ Justice party, 1916-1946, Irish, Tellicherry, 2009, Rs. 100

 The book ‘The Rise and Fall of the ‘Dravidian’ Justice party, 1916-1946’ is based on a speech delivered at Roja Muthiah Research Library, Chennai on 4th September 2009. More argues in this book that the non-Brahmin Justice party came into existence in the year 1916 in order to counter Tamil Brahmin domination of the political […]

Origin and Early History of the Muslims of Keralam: 700AD-1600AD. Other Books, Calicut, 2011, Notes; Bibliography, Illustrations, Index, pp.259. Price. Rs.360

This book is a study of the origin and early history of the Muslims of Kerala from 700 AD to 1600 AD. It starts unusually with a long Introduction. It is on the whole a stinging criticism of Indian scholarship in social sciences and historical writing which is almost entirely dependent on knowledge and ideas […]

The Telugus of Yanam and Masulipatnam : From French Rule to Integration with India, M.S., Puducherry, 2007, Rs. 595

This volume is related to the study of the history and freedom movement in the French territory of Yanam, on the Andhra coast, which was hitherto a neglected area of study. It traces the foundation of the settlement and its historical evolution in the economic, social and political planes before and after French occupation. Special […]

Muslim Identity, Print Culture and the Dravidian Factor in Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, 2004, Rs. 595

 This work is an original attempt to study the influence of print technology on the Muslims of Thamizhnadu and their literature. It is based on literary works published by the Tamil Muslims from 1835, when restrictions on printing were removed, to 1920, when they participated in the pan-Islamic Khilafat movement. The author has systematically classified […]

Bagavadam ou Bhagavata Purana : Ouvrage Philosophique et Religieux Indien, Irish, Tellicherry, Rs. 350

Pondicherien de l’Inde française, Maridas Poulle (1721-1796) est l’un des peres fondateurs de l’Indianisme international au dix-huitieme siecle. Il fut le premier a traduire un texte complet de la litterature indienne dans une langue europeenne, comme le montre sa traduction du Bhagavata Purana dans les annees 1760, reedite et presente au public avec une Introduction […]

Freedom Movement in French India: The Mahe Revolt of 1948, Irish, Tellicherry, 2001, Rs.300

The study of the freedom movement in the Indian sub-continent has always for focus, British India. Scholars had hardly paid any attention to the study of the growth of the freedom movement in French India, which comprised five territories, Pondicherry, Mahe, Karaikal, Yanam and Chandernagore. The present study aims at filling up this gap, by […]